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2.8. - 9.8. 2009  Obernberg am Brenner
contact person: Joakim Strickner +43 6504311833

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  • 19.7.
15 persones are coming + 10 maybe, to work on the more than 500 year old tyrolian chalet. The roof has to be renewed. Material is funded by the tyrolian environment department. from SWE, FI, AUT,
  this is how it looks like now...............................    pictures
  •  22.7.
some info for you what to bring and what to do s/e    info
  •  3.8.

more than ten people were working on the alm today. We emtied the house of all garbage, some will get burned the next days, some was transported down for fire wood. The big thing and critical point of this project was to lift up one corner of the house, which had gone down due to rotten poles in the ground. Thanks to helping spirits in the valley and Mårten and Richards work until 20:30, this hurdle could be overcome. So now these rotten poles are exchanged with new ones and the roofline is straight again!

One farmer came and was very upset that we had driven with traktor over his land more than once, and that there was wood and tailes stored on his meadow. He wanted to stop the building activity but a consesus was found thanks to Wolfgang, who happend to be around and knew how to handle such a delicate situation. By the way, it took us about 15 min to move two huge piles of building material.

We returned from that day all wet but glad and had a nice meal in the kitchen which was hot like a sauna. Hannes came along with a guitar and some songbooks and we sang Abba, Eagles, Pink Floyd and many more good songs loud and sweaty!

  •  4.8.
Day 2: many things happend, first of all no rain anymore, mårten and richard build a scafold so we footfolk could take down the old roof on one side, in a secure way. The fire pile got a lot bigger and the the first panks were nailed onto the east side. some 12 rolls of roofpaper were delivered from innsbruck and were directly put upon the planks...quick quick and efficient. Thanks to our fast thinkers and proffessional carpenters from sweden! Evening time was spent with intensive discussions of what of material to get for the next day. We can´t afford to stay still if we want to be ready until saturday!!     pictures
  •  5.8.
 Sunny and beautiful long working day. We satarted with getting a new shipment of wood, building second scafold, througing down the old tiles and much more....have a look at the photos! ...the day on the roof was done at around 20:30 and after good food we had a camp fire in the river bed with song and beer!      pictures
  • 6.8.
 Narendra started the fire at 6, and the sun was really shine and hot today. the second roof half was finished with the roof paper, we got a new load of wood and we had a surprise at the sea-restaurant: lunch is free for all of us today! as a welcome present for us new neighbours!! afternoon we had Gottfried Rumer, an expirienced roof builder showing us how to cope with the wooden tiles...very important! Sara started with the concrete foundation work and was soon joined by Lotta and Steffi!! ...another long day on the roof!     pictures
  •  7.8.
Day 5 was a hot and very long day. And so many people came to help with the roof. We finished the construction on which the wooden tailes have to be nailed on. And exactly in the right moment came the car of Holzschindel Astner, with some extra tiles and an aircompressor all the way from Kramsach. He showed us how to startthe first row with the nail machine and now the long long hammering could begin.All day this sound was heard in the valley. This day there were more than 20 people at the chalet for helping!!! The last ones left at 21.30 when it got too dark to hammer.....     pictures
  •  8.8.
 more hammer, hammer.... Gottfried came one more time to show us how to finisch at the top. There were 9 people left on the roof. At 17 o'clock it was time to go for a hike with Mårten and Richard up to the Triblulaun, to show them the surroundings at least a little bit! A clensing rain for the brain made us wet and sing in the rain. In the evening we had a dinner at Spörr and Hannes, the lokal musician jodeled and sang and had an eye for the swedish beauties!     pictures
  • 9.8.

Final day, relaxation in the air. Narendra finished the the roof. We tiedied up around the house. only 4 left. Great feelings came up lying on the finished and beautiful roof!!! At 18 o'clock we were done, and it started to rain. If anybody of all helpers would have worked one hour less, we would have not made it. 1 week, 10000 tiles, 20000 nailes!

Thanks to everybody!!!! lending tools, helping out at site, cooking, tidying up, planing, giving guidance....

The Roof-Doctors! (who you gonna call?!....)